180: A Journey

In July of 2012 I began a spiritual and photographic journey of 180 days. During that 180 days, I will challenge myself to use the manual mode on my camera to capture a unique look at our everyday life. More importantly, I want to make a turnaround, a 180, in my spiritual life. During this 180 day period, we will most likely say goodbye to our daughter, age 2, whom we’ve been fostering since she was eight months old. God may choose to work a miracle and allow us to keep her, as we’ve been assured would happen at various times during the past 18 months. But I need to prepare myself that it is a long shot at this point. In 180 days, I want to practice turning from

worry to trust

self-pity to gratitude

distraction to focus

I want to develop the spiritual discipline of trusting God in all things, even in losing a beloved child. Will we, like Abraham, really be able to sacrifice a child for HIS good plan? I want to say yes. That is what this 180 day project is about…getting there and being a whole and healthy person throughout the process.

Click on the picture below to see all posts related to this 180 project.

(This link will continue on into some previous photography projects.)

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