My little T. 

He is just at that cute cute cute stage, you know?  That stage when everything they do drives you crazy and everything they say makes you die of happiness? “Mommy? Mommy, go thir’ flo’r, Mommy, find cars, Mommy?” Yes, I assured him, you can go up and find some cars. “Oh! I nee’ hug kiss, Mommy.” 
He needs a hug and a kiss goodbye and perhaps even a shooting ‘I love you’ (sign language for ‘I love you’ shot towards the one being loved as if you’re shooting a spider-man web or a laser gun or something, accompanied by a shooting noise. This created for saying goodbye to Daddy when he leaves for work in the morning and he’s already gotten to the car before you had a chance to say ‘I love you.’)
My little T. Who repeats everything we say, and sometimes even things other people say, much to their amusement. (i.e. Man in Home Depot today who said, ‘I love you. Bubbye,’ on his cell phone and got to listen to our little T repeat the phrase over and over while we searched for wheelbarrow tire tubes.)
My little T. Who says the most adorable prayers, mentioning everyone we know (some of them doubled up, like ‘CorinneLuke’ and ‘RobAmy.’) Who has now begun including the pets of everyone we know, as well. He takes forever to pray but always ends with the most adorable “Aaaaaaaaay-MEN!”  
My little T. Who somehow innately has the most generous spirit and love and concern for others. Who always needs to know where everyone is (not just family anymore, but also our closest friends, their nanny, their pets, our acquaintances.) He is always worried when someone he loves isn’t nearby and constantly asks about them.
Tyler, we just can’t get enough of you right now.


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