Embrace the Journey

I’m trying to get into this ’embracing the journey’ that I’ve taken as my mantra.  Embracing the journey is hard because it means you have to admit that you’re at the beginning.  That you have somewhere to go. And sometimes (often?) that goal is a long way off.

For a long time (two years maybe?) I’ve been working my way to the discovery that if I really want things to be different in my life, well then, I’m just going to have to make them happen! One thing at a time.  That’s the really hard part for me. In reality, it’s not the actual beginning…I remind myself of the huge steps I’ve taken over the last few years (peace with our family size, slowing down our lifestyle, changing our eating habits, to name a few.)
So as not to be to cryptic or rambling, here are what I hope the next milestones in my journey might be:
  • following through with a regular routine so that our family life feels more ordered. More peaceful. This regular routine will include ordinary household chores (finally conquering that laundry and bathroom cleaning thing), a regular time of reflection and prayer, and time for me to create (paper and fabric)
  • not rushing. I’ve spent the past year pruning my commitments to where I finally feel at peace with how many ‘outside of the home’ things I have on my calendar. It’s been wonderful to know that the boys and I DO have time to watch those construction vehicles after MOPS or lay on the ground and look at the clouds, or spend a half hour with that ladybug we found. I want even more of this. No more urging, cajoling, reminding, or otherwise nagging the boys to hurry up.
  • becoming more wholesome.  By this I mean better foods on a regular basis. Better (and less) material possessions. Better use of the things God’s given us. Even more quality time together as a family.
I think I’d better stop there and just list three goals to work toward.  The first one is a job in itself. I wonder if anyone ever really has control of their household chores…a sick side of me hopes not, so that I’m not the only one!  Further down the road I hope to add on the ‘no yelling’ and ‘keeping up with friends I feel are in need’ and ‘listening to other people better’ steps on my journey. But let’s take one step at a time, shall we?
I’ve been so encouraged as I’ve been reading SouleMama‘s blog and seeing her evolution over the past few years. As I read her archives I’ve seen her become more peaceful, less negative (not that she was very before, she’s just even less so), more wholesome in regards to food and lifestyle, and just overall more comfortable to be with. Perhaps it’s just her blogging voice that’s changed, but I like to think it’s her. I like to think that she’s on a journey, too, and that there’s hope for the rest of us out here still plugging away on ours.

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