I can’t be the only mama of preschoolers who loses all perspective when in the presence of prolonged periods of whining, fighting and mess-making. Please tell me I’m not the only one.

Yesterday I had a melt-down (yes, adults can have these, too. Just most of the time to our dear husbands who have to try to figure out what to do via phone-call.) The general problem of ‘too much to do’ compounded by the specific problems of ‘church group coming over tonight’ and ‘very little sleep due to toddler coughing and sleeping together in a twin bed the night before.’ Yes, the deadly combination of these circumstances leads to breakdowns for me. Today I skipped the crying part of the breakdown and simply opted for the ‘I don’t care’ shutting down part.  
The thing is, perspective sure changes things quickly. Just ten minutes of perfect quiet as the boys nap or have rest time helps me look at things so differently. Suddenly the house seems beautiful again and the boys seem much cuter and more entertaining than exasperating. And after 20 minutes, even better. By 40 minutes when Jake’s rest time timer dings, I’m ready to face it all again.
I need to remember this about perspective. Don’t panic! It will all become clear and peaceful again soon.  Just wait for a little perspective. I hope this doesn’t sound too negative, it’s just an honest reflection about the rhythm of our days. What’s your rhythm like?

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