Food Changes?

Well, I mentioned I’d begun reading Animal, Vegetable, Miracle the other day. The beginning is more propaganda heavy than the rest, and like I mentioned, there’s lots of good info in there with the rest of it. The most interesting to me being the idea of changing the types of food you choose to buy.

Yes, our yard is tiny and mostly in the shade, so we will not be growing enough food to sustain our family (this is not to mention the fact that we’d have to have some spare time to grow and cultivate that food. hmmm.) However, I really like the idea of trying to eat more in season foods. Is it really necessary to fly produce in from South America when we in California can really buy locally grown produce closer to its actual growing season (making it cheaper and tastier than the jet-setting kind)? Am I willing to pay a bit more (in dollars and in ease of purchasing) in order to buy from local farms at the farmer’s markets? And as for meat, will I follow through with making an effort to find beef that’s not grain fed and full of hormones and disease? ¬†Time will tell. I’d like to try.¬†

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