Camera bag #2

Yes, I DID manage to finish the camera bag for my trip. This is my second camera bag attempt, and while it’s more padded than the first, it still seems too boxy for me. My hope is create a bag that doesn’t stick out so far from my body in this boxy way, yet can hold my essentials: camera, battery, lens cleaner, wallet, cell phone, chapstick, diaper and wipes. Yes, that is why it’s so big. I’m in that transitional diaper bag phase.

The next attempt will be longer and narrower with an outside cell phone pocket and a pocket on the outside of the back for the wipes. Hopefully that way the whole bag can be a bit skinnier. Or oval. Not sure which.
Isn’t it fun to create something new out of nothing? To be able to make something exactly how you want it to be instead of having to rely on someone else knowing what your personal needs are? I’m really enjoying that aspect of this camera bag making quest.

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