May be habit forming


New habits. I have always been into trying to adopt new habits.  I remember when I was in Junior High and really felt like I was gossiping too much, I would spend a month being mindful of trying to form a new habit of speaking kindly. (Didn’t always succeed, of course!) Ever since then, I’ve always tried to be very aware of my shortcomings, if only so I could try to improve on them.  

This months habit: laundry. I have moaned about my inability to keep up with laundry for years (four to be exact…hmmm…Jake’s four now. Notice a connection?) I have come to the point where there’s always a load languishing in the washer and/or dryer, there are usually a few loads on the floor or in one of two laundry baskets around the house, just waiting to be sorted and folded, or if it’s already sorted and folded, just waiting to be put away. I don’t even bother ironing anymore. I just buy clothes that don’t require ironing. Every once in awhile I feel ambitious and buy a top that needs ironing, but is just so cute that I think to myself, “I could iron this, really I could.” Then that top lays on the ironing board after its first laundering, just waiting for me to make good on my promise. And there it sits. Until it goes out of style and it heads to the Goodwill box. Poor shirt.
Anyway, June is the month of laundry. I always say I wish I had a laundry system I could keep up with, but wishing doesn’t seem to get it done.  So this month I’ve decided to purposefully build a new habit, hearkening back to my Junior High habit forming days. This month, I am going to do my laundry every day, and actually fold and put it away every day. (Except Sundays, in order to keep some rest in the rhythm of our week.) I am not only going to start a load a day, I am now going to finish it. And so far, so good. 
Would you like to join me in my habit forming quest? Maybe next month will be the month that I don’t have to moan about my laundry overwhelming me. Wouldn’t that be a nice change?


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