July 4th!

photo courtesy of Uncle Rob Bryant…great angle Rob!
We had a peaceful family fourth of July. Spent the morning with Greg and Uncle Rob decorating the boys’ bikes for the neighborhood bike parade, then headed over to the park for the parade and July 4th festivities.
The boys LOVED the bike parade, which was basically a million kids riding their bikes around the block together. Little ones in the front (Tyler took this very seriously and booked it when they said go…everyone on the sidewalks was commenting on how fast his little legs could scoot him along!) and bigger ones behind. I loved watching them love it. Does that make sense?
Greg was miffed, of course, that Jake didn’t win the bike decorating contest, and I, of course, rolled my eyes about that. I believe my comment was, “I can see what kind of soccer parent you’re going to be…” Let’s hope not.
After the incredibly hot but fun neighborhood party, we hung out around the house, renting a movie and lying around until a mellow dinner for just the four of us…barbecued ribs, mashed potatoes, and homemade ice cream for dessert. Although several of my homemade items did not come out perfectly, I still felt like we had a very cozy holiday together.
We ended the night with some leftover sparklers in our backyard with a few snakes and strobes thrown in. Usually, I really like getting out and the hustle and bustle of holidays with lots of people, but today this felt just right for our little family.

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