Camera bag #3

Camera Bag #3: otherwise entitled, ‘the one that got away.’
I am on the quest to create the perfect camera bag for my beloved Canon digital Rebel xTi. A padded, cozy, soft home, where I can take him with me without feeling like a tourist. I have been on this quest for about six months, and this is attempt number three, the one that got away and somehow became a tote bag. It is made of cute fabrics, it is padded, and even has a lining to make the sides water resistant for rainy days. But somehow it just didn’t want to turn into a lidded camera bag, and now remains a very cute, padded, water resistant tote bag which I am sure to enjoy.
On to camera bag #4. I’ll keep you posted.


3 thoughts on “Camera bag #3

  1. Wow, Linn!!! I am so impressed. That bag is adorable! Very impressive. If that’s #3, imagine how great #33 will be!
    And your blog is super!

  2. Hi Amy,
    Yes, I made it. I haven’t looked for where you could find them, as I’m just happy to make them myself. If you check back here in the coming weeks, I’m hoping to launch my etsy shop where I hope to sell bags of all sorts. Maybe there will be something in there you’ll like? Thanks for looking!

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