TypePad Intro & a few San Diego pictures

Yes, this is a random combination post about how 1) I was getting so sick of blogger and its inability to upload photos that I’m trying out TypePad for a trial period, and 2) we just got back from our trip to San Diego and I’d love to share some photos (and practice with multiple photo uploading on TypePad!)

So here are some favorites from our trip:

Amy & Tyler coming back from checking out the helicopters on Uncle Rob’s base (NASNI Coronado.) I’m not going to get arrested for posting a photo of the base, am I?

a family (foam) sword fight in our condo…love Amy’s reaction on the couch!

perhaps one of my favorite eateries in the world: Extraordinary Desserts, where it is not food, but art.

The boys & their sketchpads at the San Diego Zoo; probably my most inspired parenting idea in several years. Bring the sketchpad next time you go to the zoo…it buys at least an extra hour or two, and you’ll take home the cutest animal sketches for posterity (ours were all labeled with oh-so-creative names, too, like “Pandy” the Panda.)

My favorite: our last night there, at the zoo, a south american band providing good tunes, musical instruments & hulahoops, the sun setting over the trees, the whole world glowing.


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