Beauty, a Bargain, and a Tarantula.

Today I stumbled across this post as I was browsing around, and I just loved her photos of the countryside. For a moment it made me (yet again) long to live somewhere else, be somewhere else, have a different life than the life I have now. Today, however, I decided to be inspired to find my own beauty rather than being jealous of someone else’s. And with that movement from dark to light, this is what I found.

the way the sunrays glimmer on the dry summer grass

what we like to call ‘our beautiful canyon’ whenever we have the opportunity to drive through it

light and sky. a burnt tree coming back to life after last fall’s devastating blaze.

bargains. half off day at the thrift shop. bowls, books, a foosball table for my sunday school class for only $20.

a tarantula (yes, i stopped the car and turned around for this one.) crossing the highway. plugging along, looking a little frantic. scuttling. almost being crushed. persevering until he found a little bit of shade on the side of the road where he rested. yes, now is the time to rest.


5 thoughts on “Beauty, a Bargain, and a Tarantula.

  1. I hear you. I constantly want to live somewhere else. Especially in February when our weather is lousy. I waste hours looking at real estate. Great thrifted finds. do you know how to tell if a LGB is a first edition? If not, let me know and I’ll tell you how to find out. Okay and the spider thing? I can’t believe that you saw that on the road. Keiran would have loved to have seen that.

  2. hi linn! thank you for visiting my blog today & for your comment, 🙂

    your canyon is gorgeous! look at all that open space! amazing…
    and also i don’t know what i’d do upon seeing a tarantula, eesh. you’re brave.
    those books are adorable! good find!

    happy weekend!

  3. oh so beautiful. it’s funny how you sometimes have to be a tourist in your own town to really see the beauty of it. The first 2 shots are really beautiful and the tarantula, well i would have stopped too but they scare me, like rattle snakes.

  4. Thanks for the comments, everyone. The tarantula wouldn’t have been as easy to stop for if the boys were in the car…it might have scared me a bit. (Although I also know they would’ve loved it! They were at grandma’s for the day.) I love the Little Golden books, too. They’re for the boys to adore!

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