My very first biscuits


Aren’t they just beautiful? I felt so grown up, kneading the dough for these crumbly biscuits, and cutting them into circles (even though I was using a purple plastic cookie cutter, rather than a beautiful vintage tin round cutter, which is what any good old-fashioned girl should be using.)

I started with a recipe I found on the food network website (this is my go-to site for recipes with whatever I have on hand,) then just adapted it to use whole wheat flour instead of the white flour. Why is it that you have to search far and wide for a decent whole wheat recipe? I used 2 3/4 c. whole wheat flour, and just 1 c. all purpose flour. I think next time I’ll try just 1/2 c. all purpose, but I wanted to break the family into whole wheat biscuits slowly, since our family favorite is a completely white flour biscuit covered in sugar from our favorite southern restaurant. Let’s start slowly, why don’t we? We skipped the raisins, as my husband doesn’t like them, and I sprinkled the brown sugar over most of the top of each biscuit. This makes them pretty sweet, but as we don’t eat baked goods often, I felt okay about it. The best part is, that although they’re mostly whole wheat, they were a hit with the whole family. Oh, do I love it when that happens.

Does anyone have any great whole wheat recipes out there to share? Sometime soon I’ll share the best one we’ve found…for whole wheat chocolate chip cookies! (And yes, they really are good!)


8 thoughts on “My very first biscuits

  1. NUM!!! Those look GREAT! I have a whole, unopened bag of whole wheat flour. I bought it with the intention of baking more with it, and have I??? Of course not. 🙂 (Ohhh, my round cookie cutter is plastic too!)

    I think you maybe right… my boys are 3.5 and 14 months. I LOVE the picture of your youngest asleep at dinner. Must have been a good day!!!

  2. Those biscuits look soo yummy. I sneak whole wheat into most things I make. I have a whole wheat banana bread recipe on my blog that I make almost weekly. I also use the whole wheat pizza dough recipe from the book Animal, Vegetable, Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver. It’s also available on the book’s website. I can’t wait to see what else whole wheat you make!

  3. Yuuuummmmyyyy! they look fantastic and frankly so healthy with the whole wheat I’m sure you would probably lose weight just eating one!! :o)

  4. Wow! I’m glad there are some others out there trying out the whole wheat thing. Thanks for your kind comments and I can’t wait to see some whole wheat recipes from you all! I guess I’ll just have to make those whole wheat choc chip cookies soon, just so that I can share them with you!

  5. oh linn. those sound great. i have got to start cooking/baking! it’s a whole creative world i have yet to tap into! i’m really curious about the whole wheat cookies…so unusual but probably really good.

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