I’ve been given an award!


I'm just so excited that Dyan over at FlowerChilde Cottage has chosen my new little blog as one of her favorites, and has honored me with a Brillante Weblog Award!  I feel like I should write an acceptance speech or put on an evening gown or something!  Honestly, it's been such fun to check in here daily to share my thoughts and read the comments from those of you sharing yours…and to think that eight months ago I'd literally never read a blog before! Only two weeks ago I told everyone about my blog for the first time, and I'm so excited when people find it and leave comments, especially since we newbies always need a little bit of encouragement. This has become a great way for me to document my daily thoughts, which is so hard when you have little ones, and also a great way to connect with other like-minded folks. On that note, I need to pass along this award to a few others…I can't imagine that these talented ladies haven't received this or other awards like it, but I do love visiting them for inspiration…Selena, who is an all-around sweet person and has a wonderful commentary on northwestern island life at ApronThriftGirl; Elaine, who always has something cute and crafty to share at Thimbleina; Kirsten at Tollipop, who takes amazing photographs, draws the cutest drawings that she sells on Etsy, and is the funniest writer I've found online (what can't this girl do?!) And last but certainly not least, my best high school girlfriend Sara, who has too many talents to mention and a wonderful blog at PeasandBees (along with a great shoe blog, for you shoe nuts out there!)  Thanks for the great inspiration everyone! 


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