Life’s New Rhythm


Thank goodness that life keeps changing. It seems that once you adjust to a new life rhythm, it starts to change again, doesn't it?

I'm recalling this post about our daily life, and realizing that life just isn't like that very often anymore. There's a thankfulness for the diminishing tantrums, along with the boys' abilities to do more for themselves, which brings me both gratitude (they can clean up their own messes now!) and nostalgia (they're getting so independent!)

These days, the boys creep into our bed around 6:15 or so, or Daddy goes into their room after his shower to check if they're up yet. The three 'boys' head downstairs for breakfast, while Mommy gets another half hour of precious sleep. At 7:30, we all head to the garage to wave goodbye to Daddy, then we figure out what the three of us are going to do with our day. (Groaning ensues whenever errands are on the list, cheering when it's the pool.) The boys play for a while while I clean up from breakfast and get some laundry in the washer. Sometimes we get dressed early, other days we're in our jammies until 10.

We generally lurch through the day together, every day including both fighting with brother and playing with brother, time outs for how you treated brother, and helping to clean up with brother. Every day has its reading time and less tv time than we had in the past (none during the day for the last week and a half…I'm really trying.) I'm still trying to keep up with my June goal of laundry finished and put away every day, and there are always the regular chores to get done.

Jake's daily tantrums have stopped, but suddenly at 2 1/2, Tyler has decided he should be terribly two. He's trying daily to figure out if screaming and crying fits will yield him whatever he wants. On to a new life phase, right?

I'm still learning that whatever rhythm my life is taking, I need to take note, be prepared, and enjoy the best of it while I can, because it's always changing.


7 thoughts on “Life’s New Rhythm

  1. Isn’t is crazy how when we just get comfortable with one rhythm another one begins? I am just settling into summer, and the beginning of a new school year is turning the corner!

  2. i’m with jessica, i am not ready for summer to end!
    thank you for your thoughtful comment about the sounds of your life, at my blog.
    i like this glimpse of your family morning. it is so wonderful and different from my own, sans children.

  3. This sounds exactly like our day. Only the biggest boy at our house has been leaving terribly early these days.

    So I am not the only one constantly saying, “Please stop hitting your brother with that?”

    I am ready for fall, for school, and I think my boys are too.

  4. I have one that has decided that in the past few weeks that he would do the tantrum thing far better than any child has done it before. I had to make a quick exit from a shop yesterday has he had the mother of all tantrums, back at that stage where I’m just trying to get through each day so I totally understand that one.

  5. i love getting a glimpse into your daily life linn…first because i don’t get to be a part of it as often as i would like to, and secondly because it is so different from my own life…i’m learning lots and tucking it away for when i have a family 😉

  6. hi! thanks for the nice comment on my blog! on tantrums…there is still one certain grocery store in town that i dare not set foot in for fear the cashiers will recognize me after my daughter threw the biggest, most amazing tantrum anyone has ever seen!

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