Recent foodie thoughts


This will be a random post about several deliciously unconnected food adventures of late. 

First and, I think, best, is this beautiful  Blueberry/Blackberry Galette. I had to borrow Cooking Light's photo, as mine looked terribly unappetizing. (Thank you Cooking Light!) It makes me appreciate food stylists and photographers. Anyway, I made this two nights ago and I loved it.  I used all whole wheat flour along with the cornmeal for the crust, and I thought the crust was delicious. (I did not roll the circle out big enough before loading the berries and baking it, so the bottom of mine didn't cook all the way through.  Next time I will measure and get the full 15 inch circle out of it!) But the inside was sweet and summery and the crust, as I said, was delicious, whole wheat flour and all.  It was not hard to make, either. Watch out, though, because mine did leak.

Then there is salsamole. (Please say "moley," as in the end of guacamole, not "mole" as in the animal.)  I love guacamole. I make it with coursely chopped avocados, I do not like it mushed. Add some lime juice, a shot or two of tabasco, and a thinly sliced red onion if I have it, and I'm done. So fresh, so good, even the boys love it.  But how can I leave these beautiful CSA tomatoes on the counter? Therefore, salsamole was born. Is it salsa? Is it guacamole? Nobody knows, we just know it's good. (By the way, do you recognize the bowl?)
The last unrelated foodie item: this  German apple pancake.  Be aware that it does not taste like a pancake, but a mild not too sweet custard.  I did not take the time to lay it out in spokes like the magazine did, but it tasted the same, right? When apples start showing up at the farmer's market, I will be making it again.  After all, it's from Cooking Light, so it must be okay, right?  Ours stuck badly to the pan (maybe I forgot to grease it?) and did not slide out nicely, but it puffed up in a cool looking way and it still was delicious. I think maple syrup over the top would add to the experience. Takes forever to make, so maybe I'll make it the night before next time and heat it up in the oven in the morning.  We had it as our second breakfast (doesn't everyone eat second breakfasts?)

And I have not forgotten my promise to share my whole wheat chocolate chip cookie recipe! I would've made it today, but someone else from our fellowship group volunteered to bring brownies for tonight's study, so the cookies will have to wait. I did buy the chocolate chips today, though, so I'm ready. Perhaps sometime this weekend?  Happy eating!

5 thoughts on “Recent foodie thoughts

  1. We are on such the same ‘foodie’ wavelength. I have been staring at that galette recipe for a while and the apple pancake as well. I’m off to the market in a few minutes and I’m going to try to get the last bits of berries to make the galette today!

  2. the blueberry galette looks wonderful. and the wheat crust sounds delicious, crust is one of my favorite parts of most things, pizza, pie, etc. except toast. 🙂

    happy weekend to you linn!

  3. I have been wanting to make that galette, too :o) I made the german apple pancake last month I think… I really loved it :o) and I blogged about it, too! Cooking Light recipes are wonderful to try.

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