Happy (six month) Anniversary, Amy & Rob!

(photo courtesy of Stephanie Mejan Photography)

I started this blog at a time when my life was thankfully beginning to slow down. I had emerged from the fog that is having a one and three year old, and after a February that involved all three of my boys' birthdays, our annual huge Super Bowl party, a bachelorette party weekend and a wedding (both of which I was planning), I was feeling very free.

Six months ago today, my dear sister Amy (whom you've heard me mention often here) married Uncle Rob (as he's come to be known around our house.) It was a feat of frugal but elegant planning on the part of Amy and myself, and it turned out to be one of the most beautiful weddings I've been to. If you know me at all, you know there's a true country girl hiding in this suburban housewife, and my sister is no different. She chose the church long before she chose the husband; it has a quaint white steeple and sits so perfectly atop the foothills (the church, not the husband.) It fit the mood of the wedding, which she and I dubbed "small town country picnic," perfectly.



(photos courtesy of Stephanie Mejan Photography)

The two flower girls definitely got their fair share of attention from the congregation, as they were just beautiful, and so perfectly behaved. This I cannot say for my two little guys, whom I refer to as the flower boys, although I know they were officially ring bearers (why can I never remember that?) Boy number one took two steps down the aisle, then turned back to the rear of the church, where I had to pick him up and carry him, scowling, down the aisle, throwing his pillow to the ground in the process. How's that for a little wedding excitement? Boy #2 told me moments before walking down the aisle, "No A' Amy's weh-ing," to which I replied, "No, we're not having Auntie Amy's wedding. You just need to go downstairs and walk down the aisle to sit with Sara and she'll give you a treat." And that was good enough for him. Here the two handsome fellow are, looking oh-so-innocent.


Did you want to see a family portrait from the wedding day? I thought you would. Just wait, it's gorgeous.


This would be the happy family: Greg, groomsman recovering from a week of the flu; Tyler, flower boy who makes this handsome face whenever he's asked to say cheese; Jake, flower boy who came down with the flu that morning; and Linn, matron of honor trying to hold it all together. Aren't we lovely?

In the end, all that matters is that the wedding was Amy's perfect country style wedding, and that she and Rob will live happily ever after, just as it should be. Happy Anniversary, Amy & Rob!

(photo courtesy of Stephanie Mejan Photography)


6 thoughts on “Happy (six month) Anniversary, Amy & Rob!

  1. Linn, I think I’m going to come to this blog often when I just need a pick me up. Thank you so much for planning my wedding it was perfect.

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