Outside our front door: Presidential Candidates


The Presidential Forum: Saddleback Church: Lake Forest, CA

Less than a quarter mile outside of our front door today, we find this.

All kinds of people. Two people hoping to become president. People looking for tickets. Loud people. Excited people. Desperate people. Crazy people. Normal people. News people. Ron Paul people and McCain people and Obama people and people whose signs seem to imply that they're against just about everyone and everything. Law enforcement people. Saddleback Church people. People interviewing other people. People of every color from all over the county and perhaps the state are gathered, shouting, just a few minutes walk from my front door. People who have a voice and are raising it in peace. Driving past it all several times on my errands today, the thing that struck me most was not one group or one idea, but a deep sense of gratitude for the freedom being exercised right now, just outside of my front door.

3 thoughts on “Outside our front door: Presidential Candidates

  1. Isn’t that crazy to see??? We live not far from the DNC site… we have already noticed the police stepping up patrols in our area. It is said that all of our parks near by will be over run with protesters. I am with you… the freedom to do this is amazing.

  2. that’s very cool! history in the making right outside your door! did you watch the forum on TV? i watched the first half and thought it was really good…i have the rest on my DVR and am gonna watch it today…

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