A Few Things Left Unsaid…


Looking back I'm realizing that I told you I'd update you on some things and I haven't.  Here they are, in random order:

1. The tomato hornworm in this post did not make it into a cocoon. When he started pooping too much all over the bugbox, we moved the box outside and then forgot about it.  Serves him right for eating my heirloom green zebra tomatoes all up.

2. The whole wheat chocolate chip cookies will have to wait because I seem to have forgotten that I have a three-dimensional dinosaur cake to bake today for tomorrow's double half-birthday bash for my two boys (birthdays Feb.1 and 2, so we're doing a half birthday party…due to an overcrowded February this year.) I will be posting as many party details as I can, for those of you with young boys who love dinosaurs! As a teaser, see the above party favor bags…

3. I am still working on the quilt mentioned here, but got distracted with some cheery yellow fabric and started working on a yellow beach quilt.  I am not a good finisher.

4. The fairies mentioned here sit waiting for a fairy garden home. I am definitely going to make a few fairy gardens, but fall is coming and is very busy for us, so they may have to wait until spring. As I said, I am not a good finisher.

5. The laundry habit, I am proud to say, has been going quite well.  It's amazing what can happen when you simply decide that you're going to change and then every day do the hard work to follow through with it.  I do have one load upstairs right now that has not been put away, but is folded and waiting, and I do not have several loads on the couch. And that is an improvement.

I hope you're all having a wonderful weekend. I'm off to bake some prehistoric goodies!

7 thoughts on “A Few Things Left Unsaid…

  1. So what did YOU put in your gift bags??? I was going to do the same with white lunch bags. I was thinking of making something but can’t quite put my head around anything. Ideas???

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