Simple Southern (california, that is) Dinner


Tonight we had the perfect southern dinner.  I realized as we ate it that I really have no idea what a southerner's idea of a perfect southern dinner is (if you're from the south, do comment and let us know!), so I figured this could just be the perfect southern california summer dinner.  So there you have it. And it was really so easy!

We had a rack of pork ribs, which I like best baked first so they're ever so tender and juicy, then finished off on the barbecue for about 20 minutes to get a little of those delicious crispy edges.  Lots of bbq sauce from our favorite southern restaurant nearby.  While those baked, I threw a can each of kidney and white northern beans into a pot, along with more bbq sauce and about a half cup of Trader Joe's tomatoless corn salsa for some kick.  I let that simmer while the ribs were on the grill.  Boiled up some water in the meantime for our fresh from the farm corn, and cut up our very first watermelon of the season!  What a perfect way to end a day of sewing and busily preparing for my etsy shop opening later this week.  Oh, yes. Hard work, yummy food. Good day.

5 thoughts on “Simple Southern (california, that is) Dinner

  1. Oh yum! That looks like the perfect meal no matter where you are in the summer! It certainly is a favorite Sunday dinner at our house in NY. Tonight we’re having Italian sausage and I might just make up a similar baked bean recipe now that I see yours!!! I hope you are having a great weekend!

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