Is This Illegal?

I certainly hope not, because it sure is a lot of fun.  No one report us for child abuse, please.  Oh yes, the disclaimer: No children were harmed in the filming of this event. 

IMG_1248 IMG_1249
IMG_1254 IMG_1250
IMG_1255 IMG_1252
IMG_1256 IMG_1253
Here's wishing you some fun in your day…whether it's just doing something silly, reading a book you love, laughing with a friend, tickling a little one, or even flying through the air to land on a billowy bed.  (Well, you never know who might get a chance to do that today!) 

P.S. Photos taken with a high shutter speed to stop the action (my SLR camera set on TV mode) with a bounce flash off the ceiling…if you don't have an external flash yet for your SLR, get one!  I've purposely kept all my ceilings white in the house so indoor flash pictures look natural, by aiming the flash at the ceiling for this bounce flash look.  (And how often do you shoot with a flash in the house? my husband would ask…good point. Okay, so the ceilings are white because I'm lazy.)  Although I do admit the lighting in these is rather surreal looking, but I think it works with this subject.

6 thoughts on “Is This Illegal?

  1. So funny, I just got an external flash for my SLR last week AND a cool diffuser from Gary Fong. If you haven’t seen these, google Gary Fong diffuser.

    BTW, love the camera bag.

  2. Soon I will have an SLR camera in hand and be able to do cool things just like your photos. Until then I’ll have to look and drool. I did spend some of my day doing things I loved … baking and reading…especially since I’m off to work tomorrow morning!

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