Appreciating the New

Just taking a moment to reminisce:  I distinctly remember the feeling of flying back into Los Angeles after living in Germany and Poland for eight months.  I loved traveling all over Europe. I loved the old buildings, the quaint beauty, the amazing architecture.  And as I flew into L.A., I remember clearly how much I loved seeing the modern buildings.  Those cityscapes that had always seemed so ugly and streamlined were suddenly beautiful to me. New.

I often find myself wishing I could live in the country settings that some of you live in.  Or in the weather you get to enjoy. The fall. The spring. The crisp air.  I have to remind myself to live here and to live now.  And although I still do prefer the wilderness adventures we go on, when we went to the playground, I reminded myself to seek the beauty where we live. It wasn't the natural beauty of the meadow or the creek or the beach, but there is art everywhere, if I remember to look. 




I hope you'll find some beauty somewhere today. Happy Labor Day!

7 thoughts on “Appreciating the New

  1. Happy Labor Day!!! I love black and white photos so much! Yours are lovely. I am constantly needing to remind myself to enjoy the very present moment. I’m glad there are other people out there who remind themselves of that as well.

  2. Isn’t it ironic that you and I feel so many similar thoughts and yet we live in exact opposite areas of the country? I miss the heat, the sun and the ocean. Even though I live in probably one of the most beautiful areas in our country (well lots of areas are like that) I don’t always see it when I am here. The dark clouds and cold weather blind me of the beauty.

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