Unexpected Beauty




Could you have guessed that these photos were taken at the Happiest Place on Earth?  I'm so enjoying using the skills I learned last weekend at the photography retreat as I see everyday things through new eyes.  Now that I have my nice camera bag, I'm not embarrassed to bring my nice camera to Disneyland with us, instead of just my little pocket camera.  And one of the nicest things about having unhurried weekday mornings at Disneyland now and then, is the discovering of hidden pockets of beauty.  When the boys were littler, we might spend an hour feeding the ducks on the Rivers of America, or just wander around looking at the pretty flowers and the people.  My favorite spots are Tom Sawyer's Island and a similar exploration-based area in Disney's California Adventure park.  The boys love to explore as if we lived in the country and could find caves and treehouses of our own.  And now Greg has arrived home early and we'll relax and recover from the heat and excitement of the morning.  

Be sure to come back in the next days for a birthday/100th post giveaway!



5 thoughts on “Unexpected Beauty

  1. Linn, Just wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying your blog postings – and realized that you don’t know that unless people post comments.

    What a great photography class experience you had. I have been thinking about looking for a class to take. For the moment, I’ve got Photoshop to learn (just purchased today).

  2. I stumbled on your blog just about a week or so ago. I’m so enjoying your pictures and writing. I burned out on photos after 20+ years of duty for my family & that of my husband’s. I am pleased we’ve one of a kind photos of the children as babes, however! I still admire those with skill & passion. And your camera bag is fantastic. I hope it’s a success for you!

  3. Thanks so much for visiting my blog. Great pictures of D-land. You captured some great little details. It took till the 3 pic for me to realize I’ve been there. (I too spend time with camera on hip at the Happiest place on earth)

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