The View from Back Here…


It's here! It's here!  My new birthday lens arrived today!  My faux daughter can attest to the fact that I ripped into that box like a two year old, when I discovered it on my front porch this afternoon.  We laughed about my childlike enthusiasm, but, no, I did not slow down.  I wanted that baby out!  (Are my exclamation points getting across my excitement here?)

I already had plans to do a little sewing this afternoon (some lovely Anna Maria Horner "Garden Party" fabric, and some gorgeous fall Joel Dewberry..yum.) so I didn't get to play much with the lens during the day.  And I'm in denial of the fact that it was giving me error messages repeatedly today.  Yes, on the first day.  No, that is not a good sign.  Yes, I have already contacted customer service.  No, I'm not sure if I'll be able to get a replacement before my Yosemite trip next week…crossing my fingers.

The best part about the lens is that it opens up to a really wide (1.4) aperture to capture great photos even in low light.  It is so hard to get good indoor shots of kids (they move!) at night, so I decided this was the lens I needed, even though it doesn't zoom (sigh) and that will take some getting used to.  But it does do some amazing blur in the background of portraits.

So here's my first time gaving it a whirl. Just a little peek into our tonight…

Sara (my faux daughter…I'll explain someday) and the boys in their new airplane command center (read: their closet) wearing their tower control headsets (read: old walkman headphones). You can't see the cockpit control pad (read: old keyboard and joystick.)  They're mapping out where to fly to next.

Were you wondering what I look like?  Here you go.  This is as much face as I can get with the new fixed 50mm lens.  My hair is red today.

IMG_3735This shot of Greg so reminds me of another black and white I took (and developed myself) during our dating days.  I'll have to dig that one up and compare.

IMG_3753on the way home from frozen yogurt…through the front window with no flash!  Now that's what I'm talking about with low light shots!

IMG_3761And this one was taken at 7:30 in our darkish living room.  I did not lighten up the exposure on my computer…love the details I can get with this lens!  On the back of your camera there might be a White Balance adjustment button (mine is labeled WB) which I use to keep the yellowish cast out of indoor photos when I don't want it.  Sometimes I do want it, just to give it the warmth of the moment, as in my favorite photo of the night, the feet/cuddle shot at the top of my post. 

I'll keep you posted about whether I have to send this precious new toy back in for examination, and most importantly, whether I have it to take on my trip next week.  Yosemite and San Francisco, I know you are just begging for us to explore you!

Sorry there's no other crafty news today.  Perhaps soon.

13 thoughts on “The View from Back Here…

  1. Congrats on the new lens! How exciting! Someday I hope to have a digital camera that requires lenses… Here’s to taking the pictures you envisioned!
    and happy birthday. 🙂

  2. please, no apologies necessary. those shots are craft-content enough for me. they are really beautiful. you are making me a bit wantie wantie. i’ll have to live vicariously for now however – the budget constraints are tight!

  3. Oh my goodness Linn. These photos are incredible. Your partial self-portrait photo is so teasing. We want to see more. I probably say this in every post but I just can’t wait to get a nicer camera. I guess I need to get busy and earn so money to buy one. It’s the photos of the kids that I so desperately want to take. The minute they move the photos come out blurry or way too white if I use a flash. One day….

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