Neither Here Nor There…

Happy first day of Autumn!  Fall doesn't really start for us for several weeks (if not months) but I'm celebrating nonetheless.  I love the crispness of fall, the bite in the air, the chance to build a fire in the fireplace and snuggle up under a quilt with the ones you love.  I love decorating my dining table with pumpkins and gourds, and knowing that in a few months our extended family will all gather here to lift up thanks for our many blessings.  


Today I'm celebrating Autumn with a new fall bag and some fall clothes from yesterday's trip to Target. Oh yes, I spare no expense.  At least this time I actually tried things on at the store rather than throwing them in the cart and bringing them home to try on… I'm really excited about some sweatery things they had there, like this dress (image courtesy which I plan on wearing with leggings.  I am oh so pleased that leggings are still "in," and please don't tell me if I'm wrong about that.


And now here's a random post of unrelated items of interest (or perhaps not of interest, in which case, stop reading and do get on with scrubbing your toilet or whatever it is you need to do.)

-The whole wheat zucchini banana bread is indeed better on the second or third day, just like real banana bread.  I have now tried it in muffin form, and when I made some cream cheese frosting for the top of some of them (the ones without chocolate chips) the boys were thrilled that we were having cupcakes!  Ha, ha, ha, I wonder how much longer I'll be able to fool them into thinking this bread is a cupcake! I'll take it while it lasts.

-The camera I have is a Canon Digital Rebel xTi, and the lens I just got this week is a Canon 50mm 1.4 aperture lens.  Up until now I've been using the kit lens that came with the camera (an 18-55 zoom that only had like a 3.5 or 4 aperture.)  I really miss the zoom feature and the fact that the 50mm seems really close up to me, but I'm hoping to get used to it.  I LOVE the ability to shoot well in low light.  Aahhh.  I do have another little point and shoot that's a Sony Cybershot.  It fits in my pocket and takes video, which is really why I bought it (we don't have a video camera.)  For a long time I traveled with the Cybershot in my purse, but lately have been using my own design of a camera bag…

-Here it is! My most recent SLR camera bag.  This one is with some very fallish Joel Dewberry fabrics, and I'm so excited that I have it done before my Yosemite trip.  I plan on doing another one with this fabric for my shop sometime after we return from our trip.

-a note about handmade: I sometimes get so caught up in trying to be the most efficient and streamlined at my handmade work when I'm planning on selling it, that I lose the creativity in the process.  I had planned on making four or five camera bags together at the same time (sew the pockets for all five, quilt the lining for all five, add the straps to all five, etc.) and it was just so overwhelming to think of how many hours I'd need, that I just wasn't getting it done.  But when I decided to make just my one camera bag above, it was so exciting to see the process through from start to finish without all the assembly line sewing of mass production.  And in the end, my excitement carried me through so quickly that I was able to finish one bag alone just as fast as I would've done if it had been on my "assembly line."  I'm glad to rediscover the joy of making one thing, start to finish.  I think that will be my new mode of operation.

-I have not yet made the promised fairy gardens (if you missed the photos, do check them out!) but my aunt is determined that we will all make some for her birthday party this year.  I'll keep you posted in November.

-Oh, my new lens is functioning perfectly now, despite its problems on day one.  I'm already dreaming of my next one, too…perhaps a wide angle lens?  It's addicting.  I can't wait to take some portraits with my 1.4, though.

-I have joined a fun little swap that Selena and Sara, two of my favorite friends (the former being my first blogging friend, the latter being my best friend of many years in real life!)  It's a red and aqua swap and I'm already excited about what I'm planning to do.  If you want to join the fun, visit them and sign up!

-Martha Stewart is having a blogging contest, so if you're a blogger, be sure to stop by her blog to check it out and perhaps join in!

-I mentioned that I'm thinking of switching to cloth napkins at our house.  We switched from paper towels to dishcloths several months ago and not only do the towels do a better job when they're made of cloth, they also feel better in my hands, and I'm not adding to our weekly trash.  It will be such fun making napkins out of the small scraps I have left from sewing projects gone by.

-Some people have wondered and commented about my farm…I am sorry to say I do not have a farm of my own.  When I mention that our farm is overloaded with some delicious type of produce, I'm referring to our CSA (community supported agriculture) farm, where our weekly baskets of produce come from.  I like the idea that our family has an integral part in keeping a local farm alive and kicking.  However, the boys and I do refer to our measly three or four pockets of dirt in the backyard as our farm.  This despite the fact that I think the grand total of this summer's produce from said farm was three tomatoes, two lame bell peppers and a couple of pear tomatoes.  Sigh. But my little city boys have felt the grit of fresh dirt under their fingernails.  They've dug in the soil and have time and again, as our crops fail, been amazed at what hard work being a farmer is.  So really, our "farm" has been a wonderful thing.

I hope you're enjoying your first day of fall, however you spend it.

6 thoughts on “Neither Here Nor There…

  1. I love the material on the camera bag, so very autumnal. I have also joined the swap, I’m excited about that one.

    We have cloth napkins made out of the scraps of material. The kids love that they have their own individual napkins, Mister T has ones that are a pirates maps and Lady A’s are flowery. The adult’s ones are pretty boring compared to theirs. I am also trying this season to increase the amount of cloth hankies for those runny noses to reduce the waste there as well.

  2. Glad you found the joy again in your crafting. Once upon a time I turned my hobby/passion/craft into a profession (I opened a yarn shop) and almost two years after selling it I still haven’t regained all the joy I used to feel while knitting. I know it’ll come back though – when I’m ready.

  3. I love that table full of autumn goodness! I’m dreaming of that new camera that is heading my way Christmas time, when it comes I’ll need a snazzy camera bag! I hope your weekend is going well!

  4. I’m doing the cloth napkin thing too. It is so easy to just serge the edges. Plus I love that I can do fun things for the kids. My first ones were the mermaid ones for my son’s party, but I see more in our future.

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