Is this Autumn?


May I tell you something?  It is 99 degrees right now.  No, I am not exaggerating, and no, it is not a typo.  It is seriously 99 degrees outside. What?!   Now, I do live in southern California, so I'm perfectly aware that Summer generally lasts through most of September, and I've come to terms with that.  But really, the second week of October?  While everyone else around the country is thinking about pumpkin cookies and seeing the leaves change color, our weather is painfully delusional.

What is a girl to do when the Summer heat overstays its welcome? Well, if the girl is me, she vacillates between embracing it (i.e. buying a 4 lb. box of local strawberries at Costco to pretend that it's really July) and fighting it (i.e. buying several jars of Trader Joe's seasonal cranberry orange sauce and buying loads of mini pumpkins and gourds to decorate the house with.)  I chose to do both.  So when it's February and all of you cold weather folks are wishing you were here, please remember October the 8th, and be thankful for your cozy Winter homes.  And as for me and my fellow southern Californians, tonight I will take my family to the pool, and then come home and promptly bake some spicy pumpkin bread to fill the house with the scent of fall.  No wonder everyone else around the country thinks we are weird.  

7 thoughts on “Is this Autumn?

  1. I *completely* understand your situation … since I’m in Austin and months away from even needing socks! As I told some other heat-stricken blogger friends yesterday, I’m ready for February when I can trot out my “look at the blue sky — oh what a perfect
    day to kayak the Colorado in shorts” post!

    Ok. Whew. I feel better now. : )

  2. Last year in NY it was mid-80’s on Halloween and over Columbus day I stripped a table outside beneath a colorful tree while wearing a tank top…but yesterday I scraped frost off my car. Oh, who knows what the weather thinks??? I’ll send a little bit of my cool air your way if we can trade in March!

  3. Oh, I hear ya! We moved to Florida this summer and it is still 89 degrees! Everyone in Ohio is enjoying the fresh squeezed apple cider from the local apple farm, wearing socks and shoes, smelling those autumn leaves, snuggling in the night on the couch with a blanket…

    My boys are also missing it, as in today, they asked, “When can we start wearing long sleeves”? They today are wearing long sleeves, pants while I am wearing a tank top and shorts! AC blasting too.

    I am not a fan of continual warm weather. I prefer the seasons, the fact that the snow kills most all bug issues so there is never an infestation! Just another perk to snow. I know call me crazy, but after living in New Orleans for a stint, anyone can appreciate the bug comment.

  4. what a cute post. i am glad it’s not 99 here. i think we have it perfect today – sunny and about 72. i wish you cool autumn breezes to go with your pumpkin cookies.

  5. I was truly amazed to find it pleasantly cool here in Houston when I took my dog out this morning! I can empathize – hang in there!

    ps – you’ve been busy – your trip looked fabulous and I loved the castle photos.

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