Getting Back Outdoors


The past week has been one of post-vacation cleanup, returning to normalcy, and hiding out inside from the insane outdoor heat.  But this week will be different.  I'm remembering the beauty of the outdoors and am determined to reconnect with the fall, now that the winds are blowing in some cold air for us.  

This week is a busy one for us.  It's funny as I say that, how different "busy" is today from what "busy" was to me a few years ago.  I've spent a few years paring down our outside commitments to purposefully take our family from stressed and hurried to slow and meaningful.  I really feel that we don't connect with each other when we're rushing about from one thing to another.  So yes, a busy week here means we have one thing on our calendar each day (playdate, dinner with friends, visit to my sister's place, school pumpkin patch field trip, etc.)  During this thankful season I'm grateful for the work I've put in to bring our family to this place, where I feel rested and peaceful instead of harried and off-center. 
To inspire me to get outdoors again this week, I'm looking over my favorite photos from our trip.  Happy Monday to you.







12 thoughts on “Getting Back Outdoors

  1. With unseasonably warm weather this past weekend I’ve spent lots of time outside. Walking, hiking, sitting and knitting and enjoying the sun and warm breeze. It’s so perfectly fall-like, the leaves falling and the smell of fires in the distance. It’s nice to reconnect with the seasons every once in a while. I love those photos from your trip!!!!

  2. We have also worked on not having to many activities which is very hard work with a 6 & 8 year old. The children have soccer on Sat. mornings which dh does while I thrift. This leaves our week relatively free of anything except school. I love picking the children up from school and having family time. I enjoy being home so this fits well for this kind of lifestyle.

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