Mountain Retreat


It's hard for me to express in words the significance of this weekend's mountain retreat.  Have you ever experienced a tipping point in your life, where everything that seemed to be unrelated is coming together just so, and you suddenly realize it's been leading up to something big?  A time when so many small, seemingly insignificant and unrelated things have been happening in so many areas of life, and a pattern suddenly reveals itself, pointing you clearly in one direction?  

Remember those digital hidden pictures that were so popular in the 90's – the ones that looked like pretty computerized patterns, but if you stared long enough, the nonsense was organized by your brain and you could suddenly see a three dimensional butterfly in the chaos, or a plane flying out of what had seemed to be a picture of nothing?  That was this weekend for me.  I could feel the experiences of my past, the learnings of the present, and the voice of the One who so lovingly and gently guides my future all coming together to point my life in a new direction.  It's indescribable.  Now comes the really hard part: moving forward with courage. (Sorry to be so cryptic…sometimes its the most personal thoughts and emotions that are the hardest to explain, especially to those closest to you.)

The beautiful mountain setting where Fall was really happening wasn't too bad either.  I brought home a mug full of Fall for the boys to enjoy.  







11 thoughts on “Mountain Retreat

  1. yes yes yes!!
    I know that feeling….everytime I go up to the mountains, I have that same feeling. You are so right, it’s so hard to put words to the feeling, but you did a fine job!! And the 90’s digital image thing, I always think about that, just didn’t know the word for those type of ‘pictures'(?)
    Thanks for the beautiful post!

  2. I can really relate with your words Linn. I have felt like this for the last couple of years and it feels incredible. Like you said it’s hard to kind of describe. I read in a book recently that when it’s going well you start getting all the green lights and the parking places. I thrive so well when life is like this.

  3. sounds like you had a lovely time. and what beautiful pictures!

    i think that my husband and i need a weekend like that – without our kiddos . . . it would be good for our souls . . .

    pop over to my blog for a fun giveaway . . .

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