The Year Round Outdoor Life

April 2007

Sometimes it's hard not to be jealous as I see the crisp fall weather pictures from various parts of the world.  Here we are, in another 90+ heat wave.  This is unusual, but it does come with the territory here in Southern California.  My roses are confused.  This picture is from last year, but outside my door right now the roses are blooming like crazy.  

I got to thinking about our heat, and realized how blessed we are to have this kind of weather where we can be outdoors, in nature, all year round.  I know some of you can't imagine Christmas without snow.  Growing up, I couldn't imagine Christmas without going rollerblading on the boardwalk at Huntington Beach.  Rather than be annoyed about the extreme heat today, I'm going to be thankful, especially since we're heading out to our annual family reunion camping trip on the beach today!  The boys favorite cd right now is a Veggie Tales sing-a-long, and there's a song that reminds me to be thankful:

'A thankful heart is a happy heart.  I'm glad for what I have, that's an easy place to start.'
I'm remembering this as I look back at some favorite old pictures of our adventures outside in the past couple years.


January 2007

March 2007

Annual family reunion campout on the beach (we're leaving for this year's today!), October 2007

Christmas Eve 2007

The Rose Parade: January 2008

Our meadow: January 2008

San Diego Train Museum trip for the boys' birthdays: February 2008

Around the neighborhood: February (yes, February!) 2008

Our first pool trip of the year: March 4, 2008

I do hope you're enjoying your beautiful fall weather, wherever you are.  As for me, I've decided to enjoy the heat around here.  Happy weekend to you all.

8 thoughts on “The Year Round Outdoor Life

  1. Very cute boys! I think out high today was 54 degrees. We’ve had two frosts and my roses are done. This weekend I will mulch them and put them to bed for the winter. Will your’s bloom all winter long?

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