Beachy Bonding Time


We’re safely home from our family camping reunion, saturated with salty water, covered in ashy dirt, and full of new family memories.  We had an afternoon of digging and romping in the beach sand, two evenings of s’mores by the fire, and a healthy dose of playing and being together.  And if anyone wonders where I get my competitive nature, let me just say that our weekend also included a kite making & flying contest, a survival fire making contest, a trac ball contest, and a rousing game of musical chairs, courtesy of my cousin Kendy’s lovely singing.  Oh yes, this is what our family calls fun.

You’ve heard the phrase, “The family who plays together stays together”… cheesy, but definitely true for our family.  I only hope that my own boys will still like hanging out with me when Greg and I are “old folks at home,” as I so affectionately call my parents.
Only my dear uncle Don would think to bring the boys back issues of his magazines: “Trains” and “Equipment Today,” which has page after page of pictures of and articles about construction equipment.  Come to think of it, it could be that it is only my dear uncle Don who has ever heard of these magazines.
I love this family ‘portrait’ of us just living life together…the boys and I eating popsicles while Greg keeps working on the fire making contest.  Yes, now we’ve revealed who does the real work around here.
How Tyler spent his Saturday afternoon…oblivious to the mud covering his body, but hanging on to the all important baseball cap, which he can be found wearing at all times.
the kite flying contest, which my dad and brother in law Rob won for actual flying, as well as my cousin Becky, who won the ‘most creative flyer’ award, as she ran with her kite on a six foot string, just hoping it would defy all odds and soar.  Better luck next time, Becky.
Sunrise over San Elijo State Beach…
and sunset.
Family fun…
and family bonding.
I’m off now to do some family bonding with my own two trying little boys. I’m ever so tempted to focus on the fact I’m exhausted by the cold that’s settled into my exploding sinuses, and that the boys’ “rest time” was far from restful for any of us, and that my little pocket of afternoon silence wasn’t as silent as I expect it to be.  There was no time for ‘official’ meditation, prayer, and renewal, but there was a brief time for writing and reflection, and I’m finding that God can speak peace to me through that time, too. Thank you, Lord, for beautiful photos and words, and for the strength to change my attitude.
As Anne Frank said, “How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.”
I’m off to improve mine.  I hope your day is wonderful.

7 thoughts on “Beachy Bonding Time

  1. I completely agree with the statement about a family who plays together stays together. Everyone just needs to slow down and play every once in a while. Your trip looks like it was spectacular!

  2. helloooo! i have tried to leave comments three days in a row now and my computer kept freezing! grrr…anyways i just gave you an award 😀 you must check it out! i love your blog so much and of course you too 🙂

  3. those magazines sound awesome – i have a little guy who would love them! must look them up – maybe at the library or maybe online. 🙂

    for your cold – if you can stomach it – try a tsp or two of apple cider vinegar in a cup of hot water with as much honey as you need to get it down (the honey is good for you, too). if you do this every morning, or morning and evening even, you will be better in a few days!

    God bless you and your family in all your playing and togetherness.

  4. We love a good camping trip! Our family motto, “families that get dirty together, stay together”. Isn’t as catchy, doesn’t rhyme but so true and from the looks of your little one in the wet sand; oh so true!
    Sometimes I’ve found doing dishes or folding laundry in peace is my only meditating time. I will soon have two little boys and we can compare stories 🙂

  5. Linn you truly have such a gift to see beauty in life. I love your stories and your photos that show a hint of how your family interacts. I especially love the family photo. Our household is rarely peaceful when the two children are around. Either very loud laughter or crying and screaming but I guess at the end of the day it is still predictable which the kids can take comfort in.

    We do find peace in different ways and sometimes those are just a few minutes here or there. I’m glad you found peace in writing.

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