Two Ways Not to Make Caramel Apples


Beautiful, aren't they?  Gorgeous…and inedible.  Oh, yes, I now know not one, but two different ways not to make caramel apples.
This is my first autumn of trying to be a domestic-ish supermom in the food department.  We're eating seasonally, cooking more from scratch, making pumpkin cakes, baking bread, eating apples and onions just like Almanzo Wilder, so of course we should try making caramel apples, right?


Attempt #1: Melting caramel candies.  Easy enough: unwrap and heat.  Started in a double boiler on the stove, but when it was taking too long, I tossed it into the microwave, and voila! Perfectly melted, sticking so nice and evenly, just the right tackiness to hold onto the various things we were rolling them in…I was formulating my blog post in my head about how I'd found the most wonderful easy way of making gorgeous caramel apples and how I really am the next Martha Stewart.  


Beautiful. Crunch. What? Could that be my tooth cracking from the rock-hardness of this beautiful confection?  I think it might be. The boys LOVED making these, but their poor little teeth couldn't even bite through the caramel, it was so hard.  I, on the other hand, persevered, as I do so love that perfect combination of crisp apple and sweet caramel.  Alas, the teeth do need to be used for other things on future dates, so even I had to give up.

What to do? Well, seeing as I can't bring myself to waste perfectly good fruit, and the rock hard caramel came chipping easily off, I thought I'd give it another go and do it right this time.  I quickly removed the offending caramel from the apples, and this time I'd cook it over the stove.  

Attempt #2: Found a super easy recipe on with just brown sugar, butter and water.  Now, in their defense, I didn't really measure exactly because my brown sugar was all in one big rock hard clump and all attempts to microwave it back to life had failed.  Please tell me I'm not the only one. So I guesstimated.  And failed.  These poor apples were subjected to yet another attempt to cover them, with this try not sticking in the slightest, but quickly sliding off the smooth apple skins and resting on the wax paper in a pool below. 

I do hope you did not visit today looking for a caramel apple recipe, because I do not have one.  Do you?

9 thoughts on “Two Ways Not to Make Caramel Apples

  1. Awww, so sorry!! I haven’t had the best of luck with the double broilers either. Maybe I’m too impatient?

    I DO understand on the brown sugar thing. Mine was rock solid too. The other morning I had to scrape some off for brown sugar. Well, apparently, if you actually read the box, lol, it says that you are supposed to transfer it to a tupperware container. Silly us! When it is exposed to air, it gets hard. So I bought some more this afternoon and fully intend on following the directions this time. There is nothing like soft brown sugar.

    Maybe I’ll try the caramel apple thing here soon. I think you’ve inspired me. But I think I’ll have to try them Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory style. Like with Reese’s, and drizzled chocolate, and almonds and stuff. {Or we could just go there and get one……} 🙂

  2. HMmm, well I have done the caramel wrappers thing and I add a touch of milk to help it get all gooey, just a touch as it starts to melt away, use a medium heat and patience is required.

    The easiest way, though, is the caramel wrapper that is already flat. I know the cheating way, but Whole Foods has these great prepacked sheets in the produce area by the apples. They are in a purple package.

    If you have patience, do the caramel hunks and slowly melt with a touch of milk and you will be able to swirl the caramel on when it isn’t too hot! This is also the key here, just get it gooey, not to molten lava. If you want to get it over with fast, do the caramel sheets.

    Hope this helps! We are doing our apples tomorrow (with the sheets this year)!

  3. oh my goodness! that is terrible! i totally would have done the same thing 🙂 i mean the microwave seems like the most logical answer to melting caramel 🙂 hmmm…well i suppose third times the charm!

  4. sorry, I can’t help you with that one :o) but I did have a great caramel apple on Saturday that was quite delicious! Marc & I shared one that was dipped in m&m’s… quite the indulgence. Hope you’re having a great week!

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