Yes, I do have hope…for a beautiful Christmas present from my dear hubby. These three lovely ladies are on their way to my house to make my Christmas morning a bit merrier, and to cheer up a space in my home (either my office or my future "library nook"…haven't decided yet.) But this is a Christmas present, so as I write the check I'm repeating, "Don't tell yourself. Don't tell yourself." Perhaps that will be enough to make it a surprise for me on Christmas morning. (What can I say, we're the comfortable old couple who shopped for our engagement rings together and who still purchase our own presents for ourselves, if we do presents at all. Aren't we romantic?)

If you love these little girls as much as I do, please pop on over to Kirsten's lovely blog, Tollipop, which I've mentioned before is one of my favorites. Dabbling in writing a bit myself, I do so love to be captured by words, and Kirsten's writing grabs onto me with every post. So I send you her direction today, and as your reward, she's doing a giveaway where you can win prints of these lovely girls, inspired by a favorite book of hers, 100 Dresses. Each girl has a unique story to tell, all of which you'll find on her blog. Please do mention that I sent you, and perhaps I can win a few extra prints of my own! The more girls on my wall, the merrier, right?
(I'm simply taken with this girl, who reminds me of my months living in Krakow, Poland. I can just picture her, a ragamuffin in the streets of Eastern Europe a long time ago.)

Enjoy Kirsten's blog and her giveaway!

3 thoughts on “Hope…

  1. I visited her lovely blog and mentioned that you sent me. I love her artwork and I nearly bought the one with the girl on the stump reading. I added it to my favorites instead and will wait for some etsy sales myself and then buy her.

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