More from the Everyday


I promised you more of my week in pictures. That was a really eye-opening project. I used to hate it when people who aren't stay-at-home moms asked me, "What do you do all day?" (Yes, people do ask.) I never had a good answer. This was not only a good exercise for me for posterity, but also one to remind myself that I'm valuable. My job is valuable. If I were working, I would lose this once in a lifetime opportunity to read (and read and read) "just one more" story in that same old Curious George treasury and cuddle on the couch with the boys. I would miss the chance to help Jake carve a "shamu" killer whale out of a cucumber, just because he had a bizarre longing to do it. I know I would miss Tyler's spontaneous hugs, and I'm quite aware that those won't be coming to me for long.




And speaking of pictures, I'm oh so desperately hoping to win this giveaway of a beautiful printer on Simple Mom's wonderful blog. I've had trouble the last few times with my usually so dependable Costco photo printing.  Head on over to the link and play the odds…but don't you go ruining my chances of winning!

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