Yes, She’s Ours.


Okay, okay. As I'm seeing an inordinate number of pictures of this little girl on my camera, I guess it's time to admit it. We have a cat.

I did not want a cat. Our yard is too small for a dog. I was not planning on being in charge of yet another life on this planet. But sometimes our plans are thrown aside when a starving little kitty who loves to cuddle just suddenly claims us as her own. She is such a lap cat, and when the boys are gone to grandma's or they're in bed, she suddenly appears, meowing for our attention and a lap to cozy up in. And despite Tyler's manhandling (I assure you, nothing beyond normal two year old 'loving'), she has yet to scratch or bite anyone. My cousin Karen will be glad to know that this sweet girl has changed my mind about cats. Maybe Karen can bring Gerald and Murphy over for a kitty playdate sometime.

In case you're wondering after reading the first post, her name is Mittens Elizabeth. This satisfies the boys' insistence that her name should be Mittens, but also works with my desire to call her Ellie. Really, we mostly call her Ellie Cat, even the boys, but when asked they'll say her name is Mittens. And then there's Tyler, who stalks her incessantly, calling softly with his hand outstretched, "Sweetie, where are you? Come here little sweetie," and he asks for Kitty when he's crying about something. I guess it was meant to be.

And don't tell Greg (no, really, I'm serious about this) but I can actually picture a dog in our house at some point in time. But I'm not willing to admit to myself that I've crossed over the threshold and become a pet lover yet. After all, I agreed to keeping Ellie with the strict instructions that Greg would be in charge of everything not fun about having a cat (litter boxes, flea medicine, etc.) and I would be in charge of everything fun about having a cat (naming her, holding her on my lap, etc.) Luckily, he agreed.

So welcome, Ellie Cat, to our little family. It sure is nice to have another girl around the house.


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