My One Little Word…


It probably comes as no surprise that my word for the year is PEACE. This year I want to focus on bringing more peace into my life. God has gradually returned my life to sane pace, but I still tend to give off an air of hurry and stress, even when I really don’t feel hurried or stressed. Our society makes us feel more important and valuable when we give off the impression that we’re working harder than others, getting things done, and keeping busy. But rather than listen to society’s goals for me, I spent some time thinking about what God’s goals are for me right now…finding and living in his peace. 

I first heard of the idea of One Little Word at the beginning of last year on Ali Edwards’ blog. This word I’ve chosen (maybe you’ve chosen one, too) is a word to live by for the coming year. Not really a New Year’s Resolution to be broken or forgotten, but something to focus on for the upcoming months to bring us closer to the life we want to live. Words like Play and Simplify and Nurture and Grow can work their ways into our everyday lives, changing us as we think about them. My word last year was LISTEN, and God definitely used that word to transform me throughout the year. He steered me toward books about listening to him, he taught me more about obedience and guidance, and the theme of a women’s retreat I had already planned on attending at a different church turned out to be “Listen: hearing God in the story of your life” based on a book by my favorite author by the same name! Yes, if that’s not a divine wake up call, I don’t know what is. God can work through One Little Word. 

Just as we have hopes and expectations for our kids, I think God wants to lead us in certain direction in life if we’re willing to follow. For me this year, PEACE is to {seek & follow God}, to {build up our family community}, to {make & keep a peaceful home}, to {pause & pray for peace during strife}, and to {exude peace}. I’ve thought and journaled a page about each of these aspects of peace in my life and what shape they might take in 2009. What might God’s goals be for you this year? One little word can make a difference.


2 thoughts on “My One Little Word…

  1. the ornament is so pretty!

    and the word is so – well – peaceful. i like that. i like that you have a focus. i’ve been thinking about my focus for 2009 – a post will be coming soon – before the end of the month.

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