Pre Christmas Craftiness

I never got a chance to share what I made for the Red & Aqua swap just before Christmas. On my swap partner’s flickr favorites page I found a papercutting that inspired the embroidery, and I had a few scraps of Anna Maria Horner fabric left to form an assymmetrical frame for it. Luckily she loved it because my first plan had been to make a watchband which just didn’t turn out as planned. I did manage to figure out a fabric watchband which I do like. It’s in the picture above, along with some cards I stamped and sent along to her. I kept one watch for myself, too, and have a few more watch faces left to make some different colored watches. Here’s a closeup of the embroidery.
I’m liking embroidery right now…the speed of it is satisfying for me because I’m not spending as much time on crafts as I did last summer. Maybe now that Christmas is winding down I’ll have some cozy cold days to cuddle up inside by the fire and create beautiful things. Maybe.
I can’t resist sharing Jake’s Christmas present for Tyler this year. Ty kept asking for a big big big big huge blue rocketship, and Jake delivered.

I look forward to sharing more projects here soon!


2 thoughts on “Pre Christmas Craftiness

  1. Oh! I’ve just refreshed my embroidery skills and I think you’ve inspired me – I’ve been wanting to do something free-form after I finish the Aunt Martha’s owl that I’ve been working on. This is lovely.

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