The Sun Setting Over…


Well, in this case the sun is setting over the Pacific Ocean in general, and Catalina Island in particular. Even more specifically, it’s setting over my family and the non-family adoptees at my Aunt Krissy’s annual Christmas party last weekend. What a perfect night for God to show off a little!

I do love the sunset over the ocean, but I would love to watch the sun set over the Rocky mountains or over a vast desert or over an unending field of wheat. If I could pick my favorite outdoor time and place, though, it would still be the beach, but early in the morning.  Which gets me thinking, how much would I love watching a sunrise over the Atlantic…hmmm…I think I’ll have to add that to my “things I’d like to do before I die” list. Where is your favorite sunset spot?


One thought on “The Sun Setting Over…

  1. Having grown up on a midwestern farm, I’d have to say my favorite place to watch the sun set is over a golden cornfield!

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