Isn’t this crayon truck cool? I LOVE handmade toys like these. The fresh natural wood and the bright waxy crayons. The good craftsmanship. The knowledge that one man designed, built, and perfected this toy and was rewarded nicely for his hard work and ingenuity. 

These crayon trucks are my favorite of the boys’ gifts this year. If you ask them, they’d probably say their favorites are their hot wheel track (which lies in pieces in the playroom, waiting for a daddy to put them back together) or their huge mechanical dinosaur (because doesn’t every boy need a three foot tall plastic dinosaur who roars, walks, and picks up bones via remote control?) We are thankful for each and every thoughtful gift that our family and friends give us, but I can tell you that the ones which do the least on their own are the ones the boys play with most. Because, really, what’s left to do with a toy that does everything for itself? Despite what the boys would claim as their favorite gifts, the one they’ve played with most is their new art easel which has a HUGE roll of paper to draw on endlessly. Score one for creativity.


6 thoughts on “Handmade.

  1. wow that is a neat toy(or should I say crayon tool?)

    I have a little one who would love that one :o)


    (ps thanks for letting me know about your new space here…I did enjoy my visit)

  2. Hey Linn, thanks for pointing me to your new space!! I checked back to your old blog {even though it’s on my reader} but somehow I missed your post about your new blog!

    Love it!


  3. Hi Linn,

    I just found your blog through High Desert Home…saw your comment there. I’ve enjoyed reading a bit and will be back to read more! I noticed that you also have a wordpress blog. I like the images and varied text on your sidebar and wonder how you accomplish that?? Did you purchase an upgrade?


  4. Hi Linn,
    Thanks for coming to my blog to tell me about your new one. I’ll admit I was a little bummed when I read that you wouldn’t be blogging anymore. I really do enjoy your take on life and your wonderful pictures.


  5. Linn,
    Thanks for comment on my blog and leading me to yours. Fun to find someone with similar artistic/spiritual/life goals. Best wishes on your new blog venture! I’ll be reading.


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