The Power of Play


There is such a privilege in being the mother of preschoolers. I admit that I spent much of Jake’s first few years in a hurry to get from one activity to another. I was lucky to have found a few life-changing books at just the right time which chastised me: Why are you in a hurry? Where are you headed that is so important? Why don’t you have time for the boys to balance their way around that brick planter ten times just for the joy of it, or to examine that bug on the sidewalk? And I couldn’t answer why.

Of children, David Elkind writes: “All of their experiences are fresh, novel, and exciting. They see this new world as artist, naturalist, writer, scientist, and much more. That is why young children are so fascinating to watch. One moment the child is a naturalist busily examining a grasshopper, the next an artist putting impressions on paper, the next a writer describing an experience in highly original language, and always the sociologist exploring the potential of social interaction. These many roles are fulfilled with joyous excitement.”  (The Power of Play)

I’m glad that not only the parents but also the boys at our house are getting back into the swing of things with their daily job: playing. Although I sometimes feel a bit wistful when I see pictures from those of you who live in gloriously seasonal places like Maine and Oregon, some days I manage to be thankful to live where I do: in a beautiful mild climate where both snowy mountains and sandy beaches are a short car ride away, and where playing outside is always an option we can enjoy. There is a connection to beauty, nature, and all that is right with the world when outdoors. A thankful heart is, after all, a happy heart.

I’m off now, to “be the bad guy” in my boys’ upstairs fort, constructed mainly of footrests, ribbons, and other odds and ends that were waiting in the hallway to be put away. See, there is an advantage to procrastination sometimes.



10 thoughts on “The Power of Play

  1. welcome back!!! i love your new blog 🙂 what a great quote in this posting…and love the photo too. i feel so peaceful just reading your new blog…aaaahhhh…love it. *hugs*

  2. Hi, Linn!! So glad that you are back at blogging. You did the opposite of me. I started with wordpress and moved to typepad!:) I was inspired by this post. Tell me about play anytime. I love it.

  3. Hi Linn. Oh, goody! I get to read your words and look at your photos again (love the beach photo in this post). And I, too, love to read anything that encourages kids to be allowed to play freely. I’m glad you’re blogging.


  4. Wonderful post, Linn. I love your photography. Love the quote, love the theme, love it all.

    I, too, feel peaceful reading this new blog {not that the other one wasn’t!} but it’s just so peaceful here.

  5. Hey Linn,
    Thanks for the new blog! Play, play, play is all my boys ever want to do! And now that David is in kindergarten, play time is dramatically decreased. I’m even more glad now for all those years of “doing nothing”. Enjoy it while you have it! If you need some playtime in the snow, you know where to find us!

  6. Thanks for commenting on my blog… decided to come on over and I like what I see! I’m always glad to find another mom of boys, and you think the way I like to think… so I’ll definitely be back! I’m adding you to my reader right now =)

  7. I absolutely love that you are back!!!!!!! I am such an avid fan of playing…I feel like it is such an under appreciated part of childhood by so many people. I love that last photo of playing in the sand…it is great!

  8. I don’t believe I’ve ever seen your blog before, but I have got to tell you: I am thoroughly impressed and encouraged. I especially love and share your sentiments within this post. isn’t it wonderful that children are God’s innocents, and the ways in which they explore creation are always full of such care, thoughtfulness, and surprise. they’re the world’s best teachers.

    take good care, and enjoy your monday.

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