This tree. (Yes, I’ve decided that the poor trees in California live their whole lives confused about what season it is. This one thinks it’s Autumn.)


These seed carriers, perfect for a teachable moment (I know, I’m such an ex-teacher, using those terrible teachery buzzwords) about how seeds are carried from one spot to another.


Made into these sculptures on the kitchen island. An airplane, a snowman, a bowling alley, some clouds, a blanket, and a dinosaur all came alive in our minds and in our kitchen today.


6 thoughts on “Found.

  1. So true! We raked a huge pile of red and yellow leaves yesterday afternoon to play in. Back in November- there were no leaves to rake. Go figure…

  2. i looked at our blooming mango tree the other and thought for a moment, “doesn’t it know it’s winter?” and then i realized miami winter is just that – mango blooming season. i would love some snow down here but i guess i can’t complain too much.

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