Finding Jesus in the Kidney Stones

I’ve spent quite a bit of time today reading Anne Lamott’s Plan B: Further Thoughts on Faith. It is not one of my favorites of hers, yet her transparent witty writing as always cuts to the heart of the matter. She seems to understand that Jesus didn’t care who you were or what you were into, just that you were loved and he wanted to love you and bring you close to his father. I sit here in my cozy suburban home and I read about Lamott’s friends and neighbors and church body showing love to imperfect people in imperfect ways and I wonder how I’ve become so disconnected from neediness.

And just when I think there’s no real needs to fill here in suburbia, a christian brother and sister step into our lives tonight and rescue us not from the drugs or the poverty of Lamott’s cronies, but at least from another night of agony for Greg and another sleepless night for the rest of us. Without being asked and certainly without us expecting it, our friends in Christ show up to take Greg back to the emergency room to treat his kidney stones (now you understand the sleepless night we all had last night, right?) giving me a chance to stay at home in bed with the boys instead of driving through the dark streets at two in the morning answering Jake’s questions about why we think he should be able to sleep in the carseat sitting up “because it’s really more comfortable to sleep lying down, Mom.”

It may seem to be a little thing to the outside eyes, but God knows how much it means to me and to our family to know that someone is taking the role of the hands and feet and loving arms of Jesus in our lives tonight.  And although I know that I’ve already posted today, I am just so overwhelmed with the love of Jesus as shown through his children right now. May I be blessed to be Jesus’ hands and feet to someone else in need soon, no matter how great or small the need may be.


4 thoughts on “Finding Jesus in the Kidney Stones

  1. I am so glad to find your site! I will be praying for your husband. I suffered from a blocked kidney for much of my last pregnancy and can attest to the pain he is feeling. Isn’t it amazing how God ministers to us through angels unawares? Blessings to you. I can’t wait to visit again.

  2. I love how you are expressing your faith in this blog! What a great story. It is so touching when people respond in such a giving way. I hope your husband is feeling better!

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