Taking Flight…

This is the story of my childhood…the nurturing, the instructing. The keeping me safe and warm and teaching me right and wrong. The introduction to Jesus and a God who loves me. The parents holding me up and standing me firm.


There comes a time, I think, in the life of every lifelong christian, when we realize it’s time to spread our wings. It’s time to stop believing what everyone else says just because they say it. It’s time to read the more intellectual books that challenge our thinking and our viewpoints. It’s time to begin some real searching through the Bible and through prayer. It’s time to test the ideas we’ve held for so long, to make sure they’re in line with what Jesus said and did. It’s time to stop taking your husband’s word for it and your sister’s word for it and your friend’s word for it, and do the studying to find out what you believe God says. It’s time to dig in, work hard, and learn more. It’s time to take off the training wheels.


Although I began studying the bible in earnest as a junior higher, there’s a whole new level of faith as you have kids, I think. And now that I’m emerging into a period of life with a little more free time, I’m loving my return to the study, the search, the honest analysis. I’m challenging myself and my lifestyle. I have the support I need and the foundation that’s firm so I can ask myself the hard questions: Why don’t I have more contact with unbelievers? Why haven’t I taken a more active role with the poor in our community? How can I balance the demands of mothering and church involvement with the commands of Jesus to nurture “the least of these”? What would this look like? I don’t have the answers yet, but I’m carefully and prayerfully seeking. What can I change and where can I grow?

The training wheels are off and I’m a bit wobbly, but I’ll get there. Slowly. 



6 thoughts on “Taking Flight…

  1. Thanks so much for coming by and leaving a bit of encouragement today! I just looked around your little corner of the written world and I love it. Your photographs are beautiful. And I love your craft corner…Ikea is one of my favorite stores and they are opening one near our city soon! Anyway, just wanted to say hi. I’m excited to continue reading!

  2. I am so glad you “found” my little corner of the blog world–because that enabled me to find yours! I loved the posts that I read–and your pictures are beautiful. I think we’d be friends if we lived next door to each other!!

  3. This is great. Post college has hit home that now I have to act not dream of who I will be. It so much easier to say when this or when that happens everything will fall into place, but no we have to take off the training wheels even if we are wobbly and not the perfect cyclist we’ve dreamed of being.But there is no other choice we can’t stay with training wheels forever.

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