Project 365


I just came across another blog mentioning project 365, where you take a picture every day for a year in order to improve your photography skills and capture a complete look at your family’s year. I loved this project and found myself looking for scenes to photograph everywhere I went…seeking out the striking and the beautiful, leaving me less time to focus on the negative. Oh, and my photography skills improved SO much. 

As for me, about mid January I forgot to take a picture one day and thought my project would be over. Then I decided that since I make the rules, I could change them. The new rule became that I could pick another photo from that month to replace the one I missed if I didn’t take any pictures one day. In the end it was fun, challenging, and taught me to look at life, the world, the little things and the big things a little bit differently. I know it’s a little late to introduce this project to you, but if you’re willing to bend the “rules” a bit, you might find that you can catch up with your missing January pictures (or maybe you’ve already taken plenty this month!) and you might enjoy it. Some people alter this to be a 365 portraits, or even self portraits. If you’re looking for some gorgeous portraiture, check out this site. I’m just glad to have such a complete look at the little and big things and moments of 2008. Well worth it.


6 thoughts on “Project 365

  1. What a cool idea! I really have been wanting a new camera and have been studying photography and actually have a bookmark with all these ideas for when I get it–which may be never because every time I save up a little money something breaks or an unexpected bill comes. This post challenged me to use my old Fuji and just take the first step with what I have. I take pictures every day but never thought of compiling them this way or with this thought behind them. Your photos are beautiful!

  2. I just got my new camera for Christmas and Project 365 looked a bit overwhelming. Now I’m feeling more comfortable with my camera and it sounds like a good way to be more familiar with the camera. As always, your photos are inspiring to me.

  3. i’ve been away – and now i’m back and just read through and caught up on your blog – i loved the ‘you’re beautiful’ post.

    and your blog exudes peace. you are portraying your word beautifully.

  4. I’m wondering how that soup turned out. I know you wanted a Thai sort of flavor. Maybe you get a high score when you are able to use the largest variety of vegetables from your weekly box. I’ve some great illustrations from old children’s books which I can use to reward you as prizes. More than just kin, many who see your site are glad to be your “kindred spirits” as in Anne of Green Gables.

    I especially liked the photo of Jake sitting at the edge of the space. It was very evocative. Poems could be written using that as the illustration. We have all been there. We are there in certain realms of our existance almost all of the time. I see my cat sit at transition points of the house and garden. What is he thinking? I often look to the cat for ideas about how to experience life. Stretch a lot. Look at the birds. Go berzurk about once daily. It goes on.

    This is my first blog reply ever. I don’t know how long I can yammer on. Maybe I don’t want to get back to my jobs. I was very old fashioned yesterday. I mended 3 socks using a hardboiled egg for an inner brace and embroidery thread. I heard a computor noise- am I getting a warning? Don’t know how to spell check so here goes.

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