Why my craft space is so crowded…


I just can’t help myself. I am not a spender. I had a clothing allowance growing up and I would weigh very carefully my many options, one of which was to shop at the thrift store with Aunt Krissy, where my measly $15 a month went much further than anywhere else. I hoard gift cards. Sometimes I keep them so long that the store goes out of business. I love outlet malls and rarely buy anything unless it’s on sale. But when it comes to craft supplies, I just can’t resist spending a little here and a bit there. This leads me to the place I am now: crowded. I have managed to reorganize my studio recently, as I shared with you last week, but there are oh so many projects in there, just waiting to be finished.

I have on hand probably twenty little red and white mailboxes waiting to be decorated into a Christmas or Valentine’s gift for someone. I have several small journal/scrapbook type books and book binding tape in several colors to bind them with, but no idea what I’m going to put in them. I have yards and yards of fabric for some unknown future use. And now I have these adorable farm illustrations that I cut from a falling apart vintage children’s book that I found at a junk shop.


Aren’t these little pigs just so cute? I love the expressions on their faces. I love the bees and the chicken, and am so sad that her grand rooster husband had a rip right down his jaunty breast. But what I really bought this book for is these two turkeys and their turklets. (Don’t you think that’s what they should be called?) I can just see these framed on our mantle this fall.


For now, because I’m not sure how Greg would react to baby farm animals above our fireplace, I’m putting the horses and colts in the frames and will put them in the boys’ room since we’re reading Farmer Boy together. Maybe Jake can dream about living on a farm and breaking colts like Almanzo.


You can see why these just couldn’t be resisted, can’t you? Oh, please, can’t you see? Yes, it is a sickness.


7 thoughts on “Why my craft space is so crowded…

  1. I have a bunch of vintage children’s books from when my mother was younger. When I get a larger classroom my plan was to frame pages just like you did…some day I’ll have wall space there!

  2. Beautiful, beautiful photos…colorful and happy…I enjoyed looking very much…and I am glad you decided to blog again. I always enjoyed reading ‘Cozy Living’.

  3. I just love the hen and her baby chicks!! Maybe they can come live at my house. One of my favorite images as I was raising my children was hens with baby chicks running all around, but when needed they would settle under the hen for comfort or protection.

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