Longing for…


Dear People Who Live With Four Seasons,
Let me make this clear: I do not envy your months of snow. I do not envy your weeks of rain. I partially envy that burst of green that is the spring after a long winter (this I know only from my one ‘living in real winter’ experience in Lueneburg, Germany.) I do not covet so many of your wonderful seasonal things that my kids only get to read about in books.
But I will admit an ardent and undying envy of your clouds. There’s something so magical about wonderful clouds. The kinds that wisp along with a slight breeze. The kinds that loom overhead, heavy, harsh, and ready to birth a rainstorm at any second. And especially the kinds that dimple along like a blanket set out for a picnic overhead.


Today the clouds were spread out above me as if I were under the ocean. I was reminded of the feeling of seeking peace on the very bottom of the ocean to wait out the crashing of a huge wave overhead. Chaos above, gentle ripples below. Somehow I feel closer to heaven when the clouds are rimmed with yellow and pink and even green, just before sunset. So thank you to the people who live in real weather, for lending us your clouds this week. They have been thoroughly relished.


4 thoughts on “Longing for…

  1. and just where in the world do you live?

    it looks lovely!

    i am one of those people who live with four seasons. right now we have feet of snow on the ground and temps hovering around zero (more often below than above). there are things i love about each season. but i wish that i could jump on a plane to where you are whenever i want to escape part of a season . . . 🙂

  2. I hear you 100%. I’m here in Cali with the not so 4 seasons. I also love the clouds, envy the green and lush that is everywhere else, but DO NOT envy the ice storms, snow, blizzards, negative temps. 🙂

  3. It took me over an hour to get to work today with the snow storm that arrived during rush hour. But I do love my four seasons…and our clouds…particularly in the fall are spectacular. Thanks for reminding me of something small that I love on this day.

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