Status Update:

Inspired by the Status Updates I receive from my Facebook friends (some of whom are real friends, others whom I would never have talked to again in my life if it weren’t for Facebook…consider them my “Facebook Friends”) If you Facebook, you understand. Here are a few “Status Updates” for you:


Linn is…happy the busiest week of our year is going well so far. (As Greg sings, “It’s beginning to look a lot like Super Bowl!”)

Linn is…finished making the boys’ birthday cupcakes, inspired by Martha Stewart Living’s February magazine cover.

Linn is…listening to country music.

Linn is…finished reading a book about natural cleaning products and halfway into a new book about God reaching out to the oppressed. (Book Reviews coming soon.)

Linn is…skipping bible study tonight.

Linn is…proud of herself for not getting upset when Jake cried after opening an early birthday present yesterday. (“Mommy, I didn’t want slippers! I wanted a toy!)

Linn is…still laughing about Tyler, who upon seeing Jake throw a fit said of his own early birthday present, “Mommy, I so proud of myself for my Lie Pween slippers.” (translation: I’m very happy with my Lightning McQueen slippers, not like that other son of yours…aren’t you proud of me for being so good?)

Linn is…hoping Greg’s birthday present arrives tomorrow…yikes, only a few days left!

Linn is…happy her sister came this morning for lots of baking and great adult conversation.

Linn is…enjoying a quiet house for the evening in our nice warmish weather (in Southern California…in case you were wondering.)

Linn is…signing off for the night.


5 thoughts on “Status Update:

  1. Reading status updates is one of my favorite ‘little’ things I do during the day. I hop home, make tea, and see what some of my best friends have been up to these days. Especially now when we aren’t able to talk every day or as often as we’d like, we are still able to stay in the know with eachothers’ lives.

  2. I, too, enjoy the little status updates. You can find out little tid bits about family and friends that you probably wouldn’t even get in an every day conversation. I’m learning to like Facebook more these days. You should add me since I don’t know your last name. 🙂

  3. I’m so glad to see your new blog….I was a fan of yours on typead. I love your beautiful photos that you have taken!
    will visit again soon….

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