Help Arrives!

I promised some color photos when things settled down…




Whew! I feel like I’m slowly emerging from a cocoon this week. There’s a lot of drama going on around us with sick kids for our family and others, extra church board meetings, new babies being born, changes in schedules, along with all of the everyday stuff. Thankfully, I have a new helper around the house…a friend of a friend of a friend from Norway (yes, it’s one of those situations) is living with us half of every week, and in exchange for room, board, and some American experiences (American cooking lessons, traveling to Vegas and San Diego, scrapbook supplies and lessons, a few photography tips for her new camera…) she’s helping out around the house and with the boys. What a blessing! Having her around has lifted really lifted my spirits, and reminds me that so much of my crankiness comes from the stress of being a full time mother of preschoolers and caretaker of our home. I wish she could stay longer than three months! I love that we’re all getting a glimpse of how other cultures live…something that’s very important to me. Thank you, Melanie…we love having you here with us!


(Here’s a little glimpse of her room…the former nursery…waiting for her to arrive. I post this picture because this is as clean as that room has ever been since Jake was born!)



7 thoughts on “Help Arrives!

  1. The photo of the boys: Beautiful! I am so loving your blog! I’ve been a regular (silent) visitor for some time now. *Love* it here. Um, the wall!! Oh, goodness, did you paint that?? Wow!!!

  2. hail always looks perfect after it has fallen! fantastic photos you captured.

    Its amazing I have that same love hate relationship with the tv my boys watch also!

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