Snow and Sand.


Saturday in the snow :: Monday in the sand.


Winter plants and Winter birds :: Summery weather and Birds of paradise.


White ground, brown leaves :: White waves, brown seashore


Birches with sprigs against white snow :: Palms with fronds against blue sky

This is just what I love about Southern California.  A two hour drive brings us to the snow, a one hour drive brings us to San Diego. Saturday we had snow cones, snow balls and a snowman. Monday we had sunshine and sunscreen and sunburns. The best of both worlds. Spring is definitely here, but Winter is still close by.


5 thoughts on “Snow and Sand.

  1. Reminds me of our week here in Raleigh. The kids were out of school on Monday enjoying 4 inches of snow – making snowmen and snow angles, having snowball fights, and of course drinking hot chocolate. Today it was over 70 degrees and we spent most of the day outside in the sunshine, enjoying the air on our arms in our short sleeves (as Jane puts it.) Fun that we were having similar experiences.

  2. That seems like a week in March in NY. It’s 65 one day and below freezing and snowing the next. We say here, if you don’t like the weather, wait a few minutes.

  3. I think I could handle the blizzards and cold a little better if there were sunshine and sand within reach! Thanks for the invite to California… if only it were that easy to relocate! Dh has been to LA twice on business, both times in January so that’s been a cause of jealousy on my part. =)

  4. what a funny way to live – snow and sand just a few short hours from each other. i would LOVE it!

    we will have at least 6 fresh inches of snow by this evening . . . i’m ready for a bit of spring . . .

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