Spring has sprung!


When I lived in Germany, Spring was a big deal. I remember the intense greens and the thrill of seeing leaves and blooms for the first time after several months of snow. Oh, what a glorious feeling that was! Our Spring here is quieter. It sneaks up on you bit by bit until one day you look around and realize it has been here for a few weeks, like I’m realizing these days. I see it in the dandelion flowers, which I love so much that I just can’t think of them as weeds.


I love capturing the blooms with my birthday lens…the way the background blurs out and the flowers pop.


My roses (one of the only flowers that grows despite their constant neglect) ready to bloom again.


Our fruit trees (again, little neglected trunks who insist on defying our lack of attention with little bursts of color!)


Our jasmine that winds around the front porch post…for a few precious weeks a year it smells so sweet that we forgive it for looking weedy the rest of the year.


My hydrangeas…another neglect-loving plant (are you detecting a pattern?) who gets chopped back in the winter whenever I get around to it, then blooms beautifully all summer long…it’s just starting to bud!


But I’ve saved the best for last…my wisteria. After several years of constant neglect (I’ve heard that’s the only way to get them to grow) it looked like this two weeks ago…


…and today it looks like this…


…and this!


I hope you’re enjoying the signs of spring wherever you are (and if you are many weeks away from spring, I hope it comes to you soon!)


15 thoughts on “Spring has sprung!

  1. Oh my gosh…I am so excited..is that what wisteria actually looks like when it buds? Does it smell really really really good too? I am keeping my fingers crossed that this will be the year mine blooms! Please, please bloom this year my pretty wisteria plant. Linn, your photos are truly awesome. Thank you for sharing your garden photos!

  2. The part about the “birthday lens” sounds awesome! What kind did you get? I love gifts of any variety, but particularly the camera-related kind.

  3. oh! what pretty flowers! we are digging out from 6 inches of snow we got two days ago . . . that fell on top of the two feet or better that are still on the ground. loved looking at all your lovely flowers!

  4. Thanks so much for your comment the other day, Lynn. I really appreciate it. I really appreciate you. It’s comforting to know that someone has walked a similar path, and can relate. Thank you for your prayers. I think we’re about at the point where we’re going to quit “trying” as well. It’s just too much sometimes. If you think of it, could you say some extra prayers for me on Monday? That was my due date. Thanks so much, dear friend.

  5. I’m patiently waiting for the day when I can get my camera and capture those spring blossoms. Today it was sunny and cloudless and I was outside in only a sweatshirt all afternoon…that day is coming!

  6. beautiful. i love the wisteria. this is my favorite time of year to visit my parents in north carolina. the wisteria is in full bloom and is beyond gorgeous.

    and i second alina’s comment – what kind of lens did you get?

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