Spring Life.


I have to admit, I don’t think I could’ve made it as a pioneer wife.  I spent much of my childhood (and adulthood, if I’m honest!) thinking how wonderful it would’ve been to live in the late 1800’s. (I have quite a Little House on the Prairie fetish.) Then I saw PBS’s Frontier House special several years ago (I LOVED it!) and realized that life was a bit more than I’d ever fantasized. And then I spent yesterday planting my garden. In my tiny backyard. With a capable hard-working helper. Oh, did I mention my “garden” consists of 5 tomato plants, a few basil and a rosemary, some decorative flowers and a few packets of seeds? That’s when it hit me: I’m no Laura Ingalls. I was so exhausted after a half a day of lame planting, then I had to get dinner on the table and the boys to bed, and I was SO done. What would I do if I lived 200 years ago?  Starve, I think. And my family along with me, if my kids didn’t die from some tragic farm accident resulting from me not watching them closely enough while I plant my garden. Sigh. Reality check.


So yesterday began our spring planting, and today we decided to take a picnic to the house in the country that I’m so in love with. Melanie, the boys and I, their best friend and his au pair Melissa spent the morning sunning ourselves, exploring the creek for a LONG way, throwing rocks, taking little hikes…as Jake said to his best friend, “Isn’t this the best day ever?”


When we got home it was warm enough for our first pool trip of the year, and I must say it was quite lovely. We made fresh squeezed lemonade and immediately drank the whole pitcher up. We like our lemonade very tart!


As I type, a fresh loaf of my favorite yogurt oatmeal bread (died green, of course) is setting out and I can smell the corned beef and cabbage for dinner. Yum.  My sister Amy is joining us to top it all off. Does it sound selfish to say that I think I deserve a nice, peaceful, drama-free day after the month I’ve had? I hope not.


Happy St. Patrick’s Day!


3 thoughts on “Spring Life.

  1. what a lovely day!

    and the shamrock picture? delightful! as is the creek.

    i have always wondered why people think the “good old days” were so “simple” – the dug-out houses, the long, blizzard-filled winters, the lack of doctors, etc, etc, etc. my husband’s dad is big on talking about the “simple” life. i do like the idea of hard work and living close to and in harmony with the land and the seasons. but, i like the comforts of now. and i like doctors. in that time period, if my mom and i hadn’t died while i was being born, my little girl and i would have died while i was trying to birth her . . . kind of puts a different twist on thinking about life in the “little house”.

    so that’s my rambling about the “good old days” for whatever it’s worth. 🙂

  2. Yes, you’re right on about the pioneer days…some of my ancestors lived in sod huts and I think I’m going to die when my a/c breaks…

    Good luck with your garden! I need to plant my basil this weekend.

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