Spring at the beach.


A foggy day at the beach. All of us wearing sweatpants (my favorite cozy beach attire.) Tidepools: starfish, anemones, hermit crabs. Magnifying glasses provided by Aunt Krissy for curious boys. Beach flowers beginning to bloom. Sand trucks driving through miniature sand villages. A picnic lunch. Finally heading home as the fog burned off and we started getting overheated in our long sleeves. Dirty, sandy, tired, and happy. I’m trying to have more unhurried outings like these, knowing that in six short months I won’t have both of my boys home with me to enjoy these kinds of days.

img_2849 img_2846

img_2852 img_2906



7 thoughts on “Spring at the beach.

  1. It is pure torture to read your Spring posts and see the gorgeous pics. Torture, but kinda in a good way. We’ve survived another long cold winter and spring is coming here too. It just takes a little longer…

  2. Now that is the perfect day. I love heading to the beach early in the morning with sweatpants. In fact, that is what I’m looking forward to most this spring season!

  3. I loved your spring posts. I have been doing the same–looking for signs of spring here in Wisconsin. Your pictures are much different than mine and gave me a quick excursion!

  4. Hi Linn!! How is going everything??
    I have to tell you that yur pictures are inspiration for me. They are simply gorgeous.
    Hopefully is everything well with all of you!
    XOXO for all!!

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